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Volleyball as a pass-time game started in 1895 in Massachusetts, USA by a YMCA physical education director, William G Morgan. This game took some of it’s characteristics from Tennis & Handball. Gaining more fame, it made a shot and entered the Olympics in 1924. The Volleyball Federation in India was formed in 1951. The Asian Volleyballs started in 1971 and the AAVC (Aadhi Abadi Volleyball Cup) is all set to start in 2017.

Vision of AAVC

Aadhi Aabadi Volleyball Cup is being organised with a vision to boost the spirit of health and fitness in the daily life of every women which is an essence for a healthy nation. Though Women have proved themselves well in managing their household and professional life, sports and fitness are generally neglected. Girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. Now it’s time to capture the space where moving together becomes more meaningful than comparing each other. India is coming up with modern life style and aggressive progression, so this game is reflection of the theme and vision especially among Indian urban and modern women. Volleyball also improves balance, hand-eye coordination and reflexes. AAVC is all prepared to boost this energy in every women's life.

How AAVC will help WOMEN

  • This is a golden chance for all the Volleyball players across Country to prove their passion for the game.
  • With this initiative, AAVC is trying to wipe out the hidden talents of this country.
  • Women waiting for a ‘chance and change’ will find the strongest support in her life.
  • Those left with no hope to brighten their career in Volleyball, will surely make a goal.
  • Entertainment is the outmost thing which every woman should keep alive in there life and volleyball has been one of the best game for pass time since it was developed as a game.
  • Fitness in life and energy to survive, stamina to fight and spirit to survive, there are the superhit mantras to life a successful sporty life.

AAVC Team Names

  • 01Delhi Panthers
  • 02Chennai Queens
  • 03Maratha Warriors
  • 04Bihar Challengers
  • 05Bengal Tigress
  • 06Uttrakhand Smashers
  • 07UP Thunders
  • 08Haryana Strikers